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Mindstain Comics

A Comics Co-operative

The Mindstainers

In 2012, George, Rob and Sarah were at Thoughtbubble Comic Con. They stopped, looked at each other and one of them said "We could do that."  Someone else said "Yeah."  A year later Mindstain exhibited its first comics at Thoughtbubble 2013.  
Now an established comics co-operative, Mindstain has several ongoing titles including Sarah Peploe's ultra-violent Restoration drama, 'Damaris', Rob Burton's dystopian CC3 and CCx books, and George Joy's pre-steampunk 'Cogs and Caves' Series, with accompanying 'jewelry with an origin story'.
As independent creators we are grateful for the support of all our patrons.

George Joy

Writer, Mixed Media Artist & Letterer
(Gubbins Warrior: Editor, Layouts, Logos and Graphic Design and Website)

George Joy really, really, likes photographing rocks.  

She writes about archaeology (done the proper way, with a hat, whip and pair of desert eagles) and loves space and jungles.

Author and Illustrator of Mindstain's Cogs and Caves Series, with accompanying jewelry.

George Joy sells her jewelry in her Etsy Shop and can take commissions via the MindstainShop

Rob Burton


Rob Burton was not born on 8th February 1577 and did not write 'The Anatomy of Melancholy'.

He hides under your bed so that he can drop spiders in your mouth while you are sleeping. When you are at work he eats your porridge, sits in your chair and then falls asleep in your bed - he is happy to report that they are all just right. There are two of him.

He enjoys lying so much he is trying to make a career out of it.

Support Rob through his Patreon page

Author of Mindstain's CC3 and CCx graphic novellas, and other dystopian explorations.

Sarah Peploe

Writer and Illustrator

Sarah Peploe was born and raised in Norwich. Her short stories have appeared in various anthologies including Snowbooks’ Sharkpunk and Game Over, Hic Dragones’ Hauntings and Nothing, Martian Migraine’s CHTHONIC, and on the historical flash fiction website FlashBack Fiction. She has also illustrated poetry collections for Anna Percy and John G. Hall. She lives in York and tweets @peplovna.

Author and Illustrator of Mindstain's 'Damaris' Series and the whimsical 'Veg Patch'.


York, U.K.,
European Union, Earth


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