Rob Burton

~ Writer

Rob Burton was not born on 8th February 1577 and did not write 'The Anatomy of Melancholy'.

He hides under your bed so that he can drop spiders into your mouth while you are sleeping. When you are at work he eats your porridge, sits in your chair and then falls asleep in your bed - he is happy to report that they are all just right. There are two of him.

He enjoys lying so much he is trying to make a career out of it.

Comics and Creations


Clara Cooper, youngest of three, writes a farewell letter to her sister, detailing the measures she's taken to cope with the expectations of the organisations defining their lives, using the only paper available to her: the very letters on which these agencies once dispatched their dictates.

This discovered manuscript depicts a dystopian future only a nudge away.

GRUNT 8790:

a wanker's tan tale

A cautionary tale for the man who spends all day sat in his underpants playing computer games...

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