Sarah Peploe

Sarah Peploe was born in Norwich (all attempts to count her fingers gratefully received) in 1986. She went to university in Bangor, then pinged from York to Leeds to York. Between stints as various species of till and office monkey, life model and librarian, she has written for 'Murky Depths', 'Cassiopeia', 'Flash Magazine' and '330 Words'. She also illustrated Anna Percy's anthology 'Livid Among The Ghostings'.






Comics and Creations


When 'Stalking Thoughts Horror Comics' ended they kindly passed us a number of their titles. This is a tribute to them and their last title, 'Pefect Room', out next year (if we can piece all the original documents back together)

GRUNT 8790:

a wanker's tan tale

A cautionary tale for the man who spends all day sat in his underpants playing computer games...

Wanker's Tan

Compilation of tales about... well, you get the idea.


An artistic interpretation of the nomenclature of our native fungi


Vegetable Spawn of Cthulhu

The Brains Behind Mindstain

Our online twitter comic about the Mindstain Brains