Mindstain is a comics co-operative set up in 2013 by Sarah Peploe, Rob Burton and George Joy to make, publish and promote their comics. Mindstain's works are unsettling, eclectic and at times, a bit odd but we pride ourselves on producing original, exciting and memorable comics.

Mindstain is always on the lookout for artists and collaborators so if you are interested in joining the Mindstain project, get in touch.


New Comics and Creations

  • NEW:'Damaris': Ultra-violent, gender-queer, Restoration-Drama Comic from Sarah Peploe, with Part 1 - Breeches Parts, out now.

  • NEW Sarah Peploe's FFF (Fat Fem Fish) mad-as-hell-mermaid temporary tatoos!

  • NEW'Spark': A new Cogs and Caves tales about the cog creature and the development of story-telling.

  • NEW Comic 'First Contructs': an anthology of speculative and science fiction one-shot tales from Rob Burton, featuring 'Reconstructions' illustrated by the wonderful Jess Taylor.